Core Features

Masjid Services

Easily add, delete and edit Islamic Center Services from Admin Panel with service description. Islamic Center audiences can send service request from App and all service requests can be managed from Admin Panel.

Daily Prayer, Adhan, Iqamah Timings

Powerful admin panel provides to manage Prayer, Adhan and Iqamah time with different resource of calculation methods and Hanfi/Shafi school of thought. Also, Jummah prayer scheduling can be set easily from admin panel and changes are pushed immediately on App.

  • Daily Prayer Timings
    Accurate daily prayer timings based on Islamic Center location with multiple settings
  • Monthly Prayer Timings
    Admin panel allows to display accurate monthly prayer time, vertical widget and sunrise

Notifications & Reminders

App is fully integrated with admin panel. Islamic Center admin can easily add push notification and schedule it with our scheduling feature.

Location Map & Driving Directions

App is designed with Islamic Center map and driving directions to help traveling Islamic Center audience find prayer easily if they are different destination


Ramadan is indeed very special to Islamic Center, as it brings people closer to each other. And fasting is a great joy, especially as it promotes harmony and makes others feel for the less fortunate. App has comprehensive feature about Ramadan. App provides Ramadan time table, Qayam ul Lail and special Ramadan program. Also, Islamic Center’s audience can send hosting or participating in Iftar and Suhoor program.

Learn Islam

Not only do we offer Islamic Center Services, we have a section which teaches the basics of Islam. With the tap of a finger, learn Islam!

Dua O Azkar

Stay in touch with your spiritual side and savor the blessings of the Almighty. Get closer to Allah ﷻ with our Dua O Azkar application which consists of more than thousand Supplications for various occasions harnessed from the Holy Quran and verified Ahadith.


A Complete Knowledge Of Five Pillars Of Islam With Islamic Manners And Etiquettes, Supplication And Remembrance, Biography Of Beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ And His Companions, Sins And Repentance And Lastly Perfection And Excellence In Light Of Hadith Of Jibril (Gabriel).


Inspiring and motivational quotes to strengthen our Iman, live a better life and to always be reminded of Allah ﷻ.

My Favorites

Like something from Dua o Azkar, Sunnah, or one of the quotes and you want to hold on to it? Go ahead and favorite it and it’ll be saved under your favorites!

Newsletter Subscription

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Social Media

Go right ahead and share what you like from the app, whether it be a prayer time, Sunnah or just a quote that touched you. Our app provides a feature for you where you can easily post to social media, given several templates for you to choose from along with editing options.

Promotions (Local Business)

Got a local business and are willing to promote it? Islamic Center Apps is given a feature where it will be promoting local businesses around.